Submission Guidelines

At Earth Focus Magazine we welcome a variety of submissions on pertinent issues relating to our planet, the types of content we welcome are: Articles, Essays, Poetry, Docu/Book Reviews, Photography, Artwork. While we cannot guarantee every submission will be published, we seek to provide a medium that creates a space for multiple forms of expression.

Next Issue Submission Deadline: 31 May 2019 

Topic Ideas (these are just suggestions)

• Health
• Peace, Safety & Security
• Environment
• Globalization
• Values & Politics
• Social Justice
• Accountability
• Consumption & Consumerism
• Dignity & Respect
• Empathy
• Power & Governance
• Values & Norms
• Education & Information

1. Editing and Review
We will look at the submissions basic components: structure, content and spelling. Is the article pertinent, does it explore an important issue, is it presentable. Submissions are reviewed three times to ensure no spelling or grammar issues before being approved for publication.

2. Style
Articles written for Earth Focus Magazine should be clearly written and easily comprehensible.

3. Media
We welcome photos and media however ask that you attach the files independently (not pasted into the submission template)

4. References
If you are quoting a passage in another publication, please provide the reference(s) at the bottom of your article. A basic format of: Author Name,  Publication Title, Published by, Year of publication (or combination thereof as long as it contains this basic information)